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Educating & Empowering.

Our Mission:

At Smiling Minds Tutoring, we are a socially conscious team of experienced educators and industry experts in North Carolina committed to providing evidence-based tutoring services in order to educate and empower individuals to have the confidence and capability to create their own success.

Our Core Values:





social responsibility

Integrity: At Smiling Minds Tutoring, all of our team members possess the strongest character.


Excellence: Our competitive pay, benefits, and company culture allow us to select only the most highly qualified tutors with the strongest character, so they can strive for that same high standard of excellence for you (and your family).  


Ingenuity: We create, innovate, and generate the best solutions.


Grit: Our team is always hard at work helping you reach your goals.


Social Responsibility: At Smiling Minds Tutoring, we believe ethical business is good business.